Clearfield County Corrections Facility

The Clearfield County Corrections Facility is located at 115 Twenty-First St in Clearfield, PA.

Current COVID -19 Count
Jail Staff: 0
Inmates: 0

Our visitation schedule has changed to the following: (NOTE: Visitation will be 1/2 hour in length)

Tuesday 5-7 PM A, E, & H Housing Units
Wednesday 5-7 PM D & I Housing Units
Thursday 5-7 PM F & J Housing Units
Friday 5-7 PM C & G Housing Units
Saturday 5-7 PM E & West MPR’s
Sunday 9-10:30 AM SMU, Isolation, Detox (Prior Approved visit only)

This address is to be used when anyone is writing an individual incarcerated at this facility.
The address must be as written or it will be returned.

Clearfield County Prison
Inmate Name, Inmate Booking #
PO Box 2966 PMB 35803
San Antonio, TX 78299-2966

Clearfield County Correctional Facility no longer accepts mail sent into this facility.  If mail is received, it will be returned to sender.
The information on the envelope (including) the return address must be legible, if not it will be returned.  If the letter is not addressed in the manner above, the letter will be returned.


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