Information Technology

The Clearfield County IT Department is responsible for all County computers, printers, servers, and network equipment.  The County IT Department is located on the First Floor of the Courthouse Annex located at 230 E. Market Street in Clearfield.

RFP Frequently Asked Questions

County IT Department Responsibilities:

  • Maintain 250+ Computers for all County Offices
  • Provide support for all 11 County Servers including additional Virtual Servers
  • Maintain County Applications as well as Daily Backups of County Data
  • Provide support for the County printers, network, phones, and door systems
  • Maintain County security on equipment with Anti-virus and Firewall technology
  • Maintain the County Web Site
  • Assist Election in programming of ballots and maintenance of the I-Votronic Voting Machines
  • Maintenance and configure of the 60+ Security Cameras and NVR systems.


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