Clearfield, PA 16830
Salary: $12.10 /hour

Processes court orders for jury selection process. Maintains and copies juror questionnaires, lists, excused lists and payments. Arranges meetings for Jury Commissioners, orders juror supplies and arranges and pays for juror parking,

Maintains and updates law library and Judge’s library, orders law volumes. Assists the public in locating resources in the library.

Prepares courtrooms for trials, ensures necessary people present, opens court for judge.

Prepares plea and sentencing /ARD lists for probation.

Prepares notices to defendants directing court appearances and summary court notices. Prepares transport orders to bring defendants from other facilities. Types criminal call lists and transport orders for jails.

Prepares arraignment court lists, monthly trial dispositions and criminal trial schedules.

Performs routine clerical and secretarial functions as delegated at the discretion of the court administrator.

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