Probation Officer of Collections

Clearfield, PA
Salary: $25,650.00 /year

Position is responsible for monitoring client pay schedules, establishing client pay plans, contacting clients regarding payments, distributing restitution checks, collecting payments and resolving issues/conflicts around payment plans.

Contacts clients regarding payments due. Provides client and payment data to appropriate agency.

Establishes client pay plans. Completes and monitors wage attachments for clients. Authorizes welfare benefits and works with other departments and agencies to establish client compliance with pay plans. Assist delinquent clients in finding employment to ensure compliance.

Monitors client pay schedule. Collects payment and resolves any payment conflicts. Prepares court orders to resolve non-compliance issues. Updates payment information and restitution accounts.

Schedules clients for court. Attends and provides courts with fines, costs and restitution information/plans.

4 year Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Criminal Justice or closely related field, supplemented by up to 1 year previous experience.

Distributes and monitors restitution checks.

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