Handmarked Paper Ballots

How to Vote Using a Hand-Marked Paper Ballot:

1. Getting started

Poll worker handing voter a paper ballot
  • After you check in, a poll worker will hand you a ballot.
  • Take your ballot to a ballot marking station, where you will mark your ballot privately.

2. Make your selections

paper ballot with instructions to completely fill in oval
  • Completely fill in the oval next to each of your selections on the ballot.
  • Complete the front and back of all pages of the ballot.

3. Review your selections

Voter checking the selections on their ballot
  • Check that you have voted all the contests you want to vote and confirm your selections.
    • You do not have to vote every contest.
  • Check the maximum number of candidates you are allowed to select for each office.
    • Do not select more than the maximum number of candidates for each office.
    • However, you may select fewer than the maximum number of candidates.
  • If you need to change a selection after you mark the ballot, ask a poll worker for a new ballot.
    • Do not scan the ballot you want to change.
    • Do not try to correct the ballot. Instead, give your spoiled ballot to the poll worker and make your selections again on the new ballot.

4. Submit your ballot

Voter feeding their ballot into the scanner
  • Take your completed ballot to the ballot scanner and insert it into the scanner.
    • A poll worker may be nearby to help you.
  • If you see a message saying the ballot was NOT successfully cast, you may need to review your ballot again.
    • If you do not understand the message on the screen, ask for help from a poll worker.
  • Your ballot is cast when you see a confirmation screen on the scanner.

All images and text from the www.votespa.com web site.

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