Court Administration

Court Administration is the administrative arm of the Court.  The District Court Administrator is appointed by the President Judge and, as a judicial appointee, serves at the pleasure of the Court with no fixed term.  Like Common Pleas judges, the District Court Administrator and Deputy Court Administrator are state employees, but are not elected.  In addition to ensuring the effective and efficient operation of the Court system, some of the duties of the District Court Administrator are:

  • Implementation of policies and procedures as established by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania or as promulgated by the Court of Common Pleas
  • Prepare, manage, negotiate, and oversee the Court’s annual budget
  • Oversee and manage the jury system
  • Prepare the Court’s annual calendar and schedule all court hearings, events, trials, or special functions
  • Track, collect, and disseminate information regarding the Court’s activities
  • Space and facilities management
  • Collection of the Court-related data
  • Oversight and coordination of all special projects improving or affecting the Court
Annual Court Calendar (PDF)
Annual Court Calendar (2024)
Clearfield County – Magisterial District Reestablishment Analysis and Plan
Reestablishment Analysis and Plan
Civil Documents (Must be filed in
Prothonotary’s Office)

Family / Custody Documents (Must be filed
in Prothonotary’s Office)

Family / Custody Documents Continued

Criminal Documents (Must be filed in the
Clerk of Courts Office)

Public Defender Documents (Must be
submitted by mail or in person at the Public Defender’s Office)

Clearfield County (46th Judicial District) – Language Access Plan


Private Attorney List

Private Attorney List (PDF)



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