Children & Youth

The purpose of Clearfield County Children, Youth and Family Services is to protect children and preserve families, assuring their safety and permanent placement.  The philosophy of Clearfield County Children, Youth and Family Services is to accept all clients as they are and treat all people with mutual respect.

Clearfield County CYFS shall provide services to empower all families to provide love, shelter and protection for their children outside of any public agency. This agency is committed to maintaining families at all costs, if possible. If it is not possible, then the philosophy is to provide permanency for those children in an alternate permanent setting, preferably a friend or family member.

The agency acts as a catalyst for positive change to assist the family in providing a safe, permanent environment for their children.  In all cases, the agency will provide services in the least restrictive setting, preferably the child’s home or in the home of a relative or someone the child is familiar and comfortable with.  If placement is necessary, the agency will explore placement, based on the premise that each placement is in the least restrictive setting suitable to meet the child’s needs. Every effort will be exercised to return the child to his parent in the most expeditious manner, contingent on the continued safety of the child.

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