Ballot Marking Device

How to Vote Using the Ballot Marking Device:

1. Getting started

  • After you check in, a poll worker will direct you to a voting station and set you up with a ballot marking device.

2. Make your selections

Voter touching screen to select candidate
  • Make your selections by touching the screen.
  • Use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons to switch between contests on the ballot.

3. Review your selections

Summary screen of voted races
  • Review your selections on the summary screen.
  • Check that you have voted all the contests you want to vote and confirm your selections.
    • You do not have to vote every contest.
  • Check the maximum number of candidates you are allowed to select for each office.
    • You may select fewer than the maximum number of candidates.
  • To make a change, touch the contest and change your selection.

4. Print your ballot

Voting Machine screen with button reading Print Card
  • If you are satisfied with your selections, touch PRINT CARD to print your ballot.
  • Confirm your selections on the printed ballot.
  • If you want to make a change after the ballot is printed, you will need help from a poll worker to start over.
    • Give your spoiled ballot to the poll worker.

5. Submit your ballot

Scanner with screen reading Scanning Ballot Please Wait
  • Take your printed ballot to the ballot scanner and insert it into the scanner.
    • A poll worker may be nearby to help you.
  • If you see a message saying the ballot was NOT successfully cast, you may need to review your ballot again.
    • If you do not understand the message on the screen, ask for help from a poll worker.
  • Your ballot is cast when you see a confirmation screen on the scanner.

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