Assessment Office FAQ

What are your business hours?

  • Both the Assessment and Tax Claim offices are open Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Are the Assessment and Tax Claim offices closed over lunch?

  • No.  Someone will be there to help.

Does the Assessment or Tax Claim Offices take debit and Credit Cards?

  • Both the Assessment and Tax Claim Offices do accept Debit and Credit Card through Municipay.  You can pay online by clicking here.

When will my property be sold?

  • It depends on what year or years you owe.  You have to be 2 years in arrears before property will be sold.

Do you take payments?

  • Yes.  If you owe the current year, you can make partial payments in any amount.  If you owe 2 years, you can make an agreement starting in March on both years.

Are your maps or assessment info available online?

  • Not at this current time.  Please continue to check back.

How do I figure out my yearly taxes?

  • Multiply to assessed value by the millage.  This will give you the taxes at the face amount.  Keeping in mind there is a discount and a penalty period.  Also, if applicable, there may be reductions (i.e. homestead, farmstead)

Can you email maps?

  • Yes, if we have payment and yes, if you have an account.  Again, payments can be made online which is available here.

What size shed can I build without being assessed for it?

  • 10×10 and under we don’t assess.

Do buildings have to be attached to the ground to be assessed?

  • No.  Most buildings are subject to assessment

What date do I have to appeal by?

  • September 1 of every year to affect the next years assessment value.

Will my assessment value go down if I appeal my property?

  • Not necessarily.  When you appeal your property it is open for complete review.  This could cause a reduction of value, the same value affirmed, or/and increase value.

Does the Assessment Office levy Taxes?

  • No.  Our job is to establish the fair market value of your property.  Tax levy millage is established by the County, Muncipality, and the School District.


If you questions were not answered by this FAQ, please contact the Assessment and Tax Claim Offices at 814-765-2641 ext: 5005 (Assessment) or Ext: 5006 (Tax Claim)

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