Aerial Photos

Clearfield County currently maintains full color digital orthophotography at a 1:1200 scale.  This digital orthophotography was acquired through the PAMAP Program.  Our area of the state was flown in the spring of 2006.  The orthophotos are available for download through the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access website under the PAMAP Imagery link. 

We also maintain digital orthophotography at 1:4800 (1:2400 for selected developed areas) scale from a Spring 1997 flyover. These orthophotos were taken in black and white. The digital orthophotography is available in geo-registered .TIF images and sold by “tile.” Each tile is stored in a separate .TIF file about 25 megabytes in size. Almost 400 tiles are available. Tiles start at $20.00 each and prices are discounted for bulk purchases. Click on the picture below for a new window with the orthophoto index grid and links to preview images. (Please be patient as preview images are somewhat large.)

Contact us to request more details about available orthophotography products.

Click a highlighted grid square to view an image preview

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